Le Arc En Ciel

Le Arc En Ciel


Le Arc En Ciel metal base to grow food

The new collection "Grow Your Food" is inspired by how deprived we are from nature since COVID 19 began. In isolation, we start thinking about how our designs can give access to a product to grow food indoors. These simple designs reminds you of the outdoors meanwhile making it easy to integrate vegetables and spices to any decor style.

Rolled and welded iron rod with electrostatic finish.

W: 3/8''
H: 30''
L: 6''

Minimal and durable, our objects are handcrafted by artisans and inspired by architecture, ironworks, and the landscapes of diverse places around the world like the Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, and Mexico. These objects are designed to bring you closer to nature while also capturing the aesthetic of contemporary culture. All of our designs are made from iron and finished with electrostatic paint. They can be placed indoors or outdoors. 


To ensure the long life of your FGTC product, we suggest that you store your objects in a dry location when not in use and during periods of inclement weather. When cleaning your FGTC product, please be gentle with your object and make certain to dry it well after washing. We also encourage you to use a protective spray (we suggest NANOPROTECH Marine Anticor Lubricant Spray).

After several years, you may find that your FGTC product needs afresh coat of paint. We are happy to help you touch up your object. For assistance, please contact us at info@fgtc.mx.

  • + Wipe clean with a non-abrasive cloth

  • + Wash with warm water and a gentle soap

  • + Thoroughly dry with a lint-free cloth